ICT 2021: Technology Trends in 2021

Red Hat menyampaikan lima tren teknologi yang diperkirakannya akan berkembang pada tahun 2021.

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The pandemic period gave rise to a new trend in the use of Information Technology and Computers as the main backbone in running daily business. The technology trend according to RedHat in 2021 is that 5G, IoT, and Edge Computing will be a trio of smart computing.
There will be many companies in Asia Pacific who will adopt this technology. The increased use of these three technologies, also called Red Hat, helps improve sensor data analysis for predictive maintenance and quality control, augmented reality systems for remote operations, and personalized 'connected experiences' to enhance customer and supplier engagement.
What is the impact of this new technology, see the complete information at https://www.medcom.id/teknologi/news-teknologi/4baYO2Wb-red-hat-ini-5-tren-yang-berkembang-di-2021

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