PNJ ICT Students Win 3rd Place in UBP Techno Days 5.0 Competition

Students of the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering at the State Polytechnic of Jakarta, represented by Achmad Rizky, Gilang Segara and Hisanah Salsabila (Class TI 7A ITKJ) won 3rd place in the UBP Techno Days 5.0 Competition, which was organized by Universitas Buana Perjuangan Karawang.

The UBP Techno Days 5.0 competition carries the theme "exploring technology to create creative generation" which will be held from January 10, 2021 to February 27, 2021, while the list of competitions held this year are:

1. Graphic Design Competition (Senior High School)

2. Web Design Competition (Senior High School)

3. Smart Technology Competition (Senior High School)

4. Business Application Competition (College Student)

5. Mobile Legends (General)

Achmad Rizky, et al made a quality e-book recommendation application, in the application there is a rating system and can provide a review of the book itself.

Once again congratulations to Achmad Rizky, Gilang Segara and Hisanah Salsabila, hopefully they can inspire other Jakarta State Polytechnic students to increase their creativity and dare to compete.


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