Department of Computer and Informatics Engineering conducts Assessment Training on Health Information System for Community Resources at Depok City Health Center

Information and communication technology is very useful in supporting business processes in the form of data management, information, facts, and knowledge for health agencies such as hospitals, health clinics, health centers, and others. then included in the Health Information System..

The Depok City Health Office (Dinkes) as a government agency that carries out the function as a provider of health services to the community, especially during a pandemic like this, wants to make a lot of innovations in improving the quality of its services, one of which is by maximizing the use of SIK. However, in its implementation, there are many challenges faced in the field, one of which is the lack of knowledge of health center human resources regarding the infrastructure and equipment of the Health Information System (SIK) which results in the health information data obtained by the government being less accurate and causing less relevant policy making.

Therefore, the D1 Computer and Network Engineering Study Program (TKJ) Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering at the Jakarta State Polytechnic in collaboration with the Depok City Health Service in Community Service by conducting Assessment Training on SIK for Depok City Health Center HR, which was conducted online on August October 11, 2021.


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