Community Service Informatics Engineering Program in 2021

The emergence of the covid 19 virus in the past two years has changed the daily life patterns of people in Indonesia, especially in Depok City as a city close to the nation's capital. As an institution that manages public health and oversees all puskesmas in the city of Depok, the health department has an achievement of health service quality standards that must be met every year. During the Covid-19 pandemic, automated health services cannot operate as normal.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, automated health services cannot operate as normal. Restrictions were also placed on health services in Depok City to suppress the spread of the corona virus, especially in Depok city health facilities and services.

Teleconsultation is an appropriate method applied in the current situation. It is planned to be implemented in public health centers as a medium for teleconsultation services for COVID-19 patients who are currently self-isolating. This application has a chat feature with health workers which includes conversations that can be in the form of consulting patient complaints, prescribing drugs and recording patient data, prescriptions and teleconsultation services.

The Informatics Engineering Study Program (TI) Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering at the Jakarta State Polytechnic with the Depok City Health Service collaborated in serving the community by producing the Depok City Covid-19 Teleconsultation "Tecodep" Application which functions to conduct online consultations for Depok city health workers. with the public, especially regarding the spread of the corona virus.

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