The Jakarta State Polytechnic, represented by the Information and Computer Engineering department, especially from the Multimedia and Network Engineering study program, on Monday, 20 September 2021, held a Community Service event entitled "FREE INTERNET FOR THE COMMUNITY AROUND TANAH Baru KELURAHAN" located in Beji sub-district, Depok City. , West Java. The event was held at 13.00 WIB, which was followed by the handover of FREE WIFI and also socialization about free and positive internet which finished around 15.00 WIB.

This free internet is intended for the community around the Tanah Baru village as a form of community service which will later be useful for ease of communication, learning, and also working. In addition, this positive internet socialization was also aimed at various aspects present at the event to explain how important it is to have a positive internet in accordance with existing laws and regulations. Where if we do not surf positively, then many bad things will be experienced starting from our devices being exposed to viruses, ourselves being exposed to cases of the ITE Law, and also causing unrest in social media. The forum for complaints about violations that exist on the internet is also explained.

In this event, it was also explained about the bad effects of various aspects of the internet, aspects of purpose, internet ethics, and also the use of good and correct Wi-Fi. The socialization event which was attended by fathers and mothers was also presented with material on child supervision on the internet, because it is very important to supervise children in terms of health such as psychology in children's mentality. The reactions of the participants who were present were very enthusiastic, because the participants were also involved in the interaction by asking questions and answers.