Soft-launching and Socialization of the Online Safe Food Training Application (Lalapan Application) in Depok City, PNJ IT Study Program Community Service

The Lalapan application is the result of a collaboration between Lecturers and Students from the PNJ Informatics Engineering (IT) Study Program and the Depok City Health Office to support Online Safe Food Training activities, abbreviated as "Lalapan". This collaboration was made possible due to a grant for the Expertise Group-Based Application of Science and Technology Application Service (PPIKBK) scheme managed by the Community Service Research Unit (UP2M) of the Jakarta State Polytechnic (PNJ).

The Lalapan application was specifically designed and built by a team from the PNJ IT Study Program to address the constraints experienced by the Depok City Health Office. The high interest of prospective Lalapan participants in the first phase of April 2022 has made the Depok City Health Office experience obstacles and obstacles, especially limitations in serving the registration of prospective training participants which reaches 1100 participants with the support of facilities from Google form. In addition, the large number of prospective participants who register makes the data processing process carried out manually, making the training management process take more time than it should. So that in the end, the Lalapan Application is a solution to this problem.

The soft-launching and socialization of the Depok City Online Safe Food Training Application (Lalapan Application) was held on Wednesday, December 7 2022 in the Depok City Health Office Hall. This activity was attended by representatives of all Depok City Sanitarians.

Previously, the Lalapan application was handed over in November 2022 by Dr. Anita Hidayati, S.Kom., M.Kom., as Head of the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering Study Program to dr. Mary Liziawati, as the Head of the Depok City Health Service.

dr. Mary Liziawati said that "The Lalapan application is eagerly awaited to be used in the second phase of the training". On the same occasion Dr. Anita Hidayati also expressed her hope that the Lalapan Application could provide benefits for the progress and acceleration of Depok City as a Food Safe City.

Head of IT PNJ Study Program Asep Taufik Muharram, S.Kom., M.Kom. explained that currently the Lalapan application can be accessed via and will soon be socialized again in stages to all stakeholders so that the second phase of Lalapan activities is planned to be held towards the end of December 2022, and it is hoped that this Lalapan application can also provide public service support which is better for prospective trainees with a faster and easier process.


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