TKJ Study Program Submits Grants for Digital Garbage Weighing Equipment and Laptops to Youth Organizations and Kampung Pulo Communities, Tapos Village, Depok

The Computer and Network Engineering Study Program (TKJ) together with the Multimedia and Network Engineering Study Program (TMJ) Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering, Jakarta State Polytechnic conducted Waste Bank Socialization and Training for youth organizations and communities around Kampung Pulo, Tapos Village, Depok on the 4th September 2022.

This activity is carried out in the implementation of one of the tri dharma of higher education, namely community service. This year the TKJ Study Program is working with youth organizations and the community around Kampung Pulo, Tapos Depok to manage waste around the area.

This is caused by the large amount of household waste that residents produce every day, previously there has been waste management since 2020, but in less than 2 years, the garbage collection takes place every Tuesday and we are still doing it manually and conventionally without any tools to clean manage and without any good management system. This activity has continued until now only as a collector and is directly taken by large collectors at a very cheap price per kg of waste, so there are no major benefits for residents, especially to become an activity that produces a production that generates economic value. Even today, many residents choose to burn their waste instead of saving, resulting in air pollution which is very disturbing to residents around RW 11 Kampung Pulo, Tapos, Depok.

Therefore the TKJ Study Program is collaborating with the Tapos Village, Depok training on the waste bank system, it is hoped that this will be the initial momentum in building public awareness to start sorting, recycling and utilizing waste. This is important, because waste has a selling value and environmentally sound waste management can become a new Indonesian culture and can reduce the amount of waste transported to TPA.

On this occasion the TKJ Study Program also provided grants for digital waste weighing equipment and a laptop, both of which are used and integrated with the waste management fee system. It is hoped that with the existence of a waste bank management system, it can help local residents in waste management and can add economic value.