Student of the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering, Jakarta State Polytechnic, Michael Natanael Class TI 4A is one of the students selected to take part in the 2023 national level achievement student election. Michael Nathanael and nine other students represent LLDIKTI Region III with details of five students in the Academic Higher Education category and five Vocational Higher Education students.

The Selection of Outstanding Students (PILMAPRES) is a talent event and student competition under the auspices of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology, Ministry of Education and Culture and Research and Technology which is held annually. The holding of PILMAPRES begins with selection at the tertiary level and continues with selection at the regional level and finally at the national level.

LLDIKTI region III conducted the final stage of the selection which was held at Prasetiya Mulya University, Cilandak campus, South Jakarta on Tuesday, May 9 2023. This final stage was attended by 12 students from Academic Universities and 8 students from Vocational Higher Education Universities. Of the 20 students, 10 outstanding students were selected from the LLDIKTI Region III to compete at the next level, namely PILMAPRES at the national level.

In the final stage of selection at Prasetiya Mulya University Michael Natanael presented an innovative product script on the design of a robot system for monitoring fish ponds based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which aims to provide an overview of the design of an underwater robot system capable of monitoring and detection by integrating artificial intelligence and internet of things in fish ponds. In the design of this robotic system, one of them has a 360 camera to automatically detect stressed, sick and dead fish. Then the detection results will automatically send a notification alarm to the user.

In designing and writing the script, Michael Nathanael was assisted by two supervisors from the PNJ Informatics and Computer Engineering Department, namely Indra Hermawan S.Kom, M.Kom and Bassamtiano Renaufalgi Irnawan S.Tr.Ti, M.Eng.

And the following 10 students passed the Pilmapres LLDIKTI region III Jakarta selection, namely:

Category of Academic Higher Education (Undergraduate Program)

1. Shakira Amirah, University of Indonesia

2. Edward Hartanto, Bina Nusantara University

3. Annisa Widya, Jakarta State University

4. Veronica, Multimedia Nusantara University

5. Alvian Mohamad, Yarsi University


Vocational Higher Education Category (Diploma Program)

1. Anindya Ravinta's daughter, University of Indonesia

2. Rifqi Herdandi, Creative Media State Polytechnic

3. Michael Nathanael, Jakarta State Polytechnic

4. Oktaviani, Trisakti University

5. Mahessea Wira Madha, Jakarta Veterans National Development University

Once again congratulations to the student representatives from the ICT Department, hopefully they can inspire other fellow students to be able to increase their creativity and have the courage to compete.


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