Based on the announcement from Instagram kmipn2023_pens, the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering, Jakarta State Polytechnic managed to qualify 11 teams in 7 different categories as finalists in the National Polytechnic Student Informatics Competition (KMIPN) V Year 2023.

Before qualifying as finalists, these eleven teams have successfully passed the preliminary rounds in each category on May 22 2023 and June 9 2023, until finally the finalists have been announced on the official KMIPN Instagram, namely kmipn2023_pens.

These eleven teams will take part in the final round competition which will be held in Surabaya from 31 July to 3 August 2023.


The following is a list of PNJ ICT Department representative teams who have successfully participated in the final round:

Team : 05-Council, Category: Cybersecurity

- Azzuri Putra Mahendra, TMJ 2B

- Pratama Varian Andika Parulian Siregar, TMJ 2B

- Wahyu Priambodo, TMJ 2B

Team : Kawah, Category: Cybersecurity

- Muhammad Brian Azura Nixon, TMJ 2B

- Cornelius Yuli Rosdianto, TMJ 2B

- Kevin Alonzo Manuel Bakara, TMJ 2B

Team : AMAN, Category: Innovation Creation

- Aldy Dwi Prasetiyo, TI 6A

- Mytha shabira, TI 6A

- Nadya Zahra Rahmadani, TI 6A

Team : BrewTech, Category: ICT Field Business Design

- Keyla Nasyiwa Ilona, TMD 4A

- Erland Faturrahman, TMD 4A

- Rahmad Hafis Akbar, TMD 4A

Team : Inspektur Bisnis, Category: ICT Field Business Design

- Davi Rama Fadillah, TI CCIT 6

- Abdurojak, TI CCIT 6

- Harianda Surbakti, TI CCIT 6

Team : InovEgo, Category: E-Government

- Rizky Adi, TI 6B

- Bintang Fajar Julio, TI 6B

- Hamza Firdaus, TI 6B

Team : K.A.N.S.P.I.R, Category : Animation

- Geral Azhari, TMD 4B

- Arya Satria Bimawan, TMD 4B

- Muhammad Akmal Aziz, TMD 4B

Team : Nephilla, Category : Animation

- Adnina Mafaza, TMD 4B

- Istifania Nabillah Rizky, TMD 4B

- Qanita Bahreisy, TMD 4B

Team : Mirai, Category : Hackathons

- Fitri Sagita, TI 4B

- Haidar Azmi Rohman, TI 4B

- Muhammad Riziq Ramadhan Al Arafah, TI 4B

Team : NoobSquad, Category : Hackathons

- Revan Lazuardi, TI CCIT 6

- Millenia Saharani, TI CCIT 6

- Airlangga Yudiatama, TI CCIT 6 

Team : Psatire, Category : Game Application Development

- Riandar Farhan, TI 4B

- Andra Rizki Pratama, TI 4B

Congratulations to the team that made it into the finalists, I hope it can inspire other Jakarta State Polytechnic students not to be afraid to compete and don't forget to prepare your best work.


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