MPASI Video Series with Balanced Nutrition, One of the Solutions to Overcome Stunting Problems

Stunting is a developmental disorder experienced by children, one of which is due to poor nutrition. Children who are stunted have an average height that is lower than their peers.

Stunting not only has an impact on height, but also on cognitive and motor skills. The impact of stunting is not only felt by children when they are young, but also when they grow up. Therefore, it is important for parents to pay attention to the nutritional intake that children get in complementary foods for breast milk (MPASI).

Therefore, the Digital Multimedia Engineering Study Program (TMD) at the Jakarta State Polytechnic together with the Depok City Health Office collaborated in making a video series which contains socialization on how to make MPASI with balanced nutrition as a solution to the problem of stunting.

Making a socialization media is an alternative solution to the problem of stunting, because the multimedia industry that has developed to date is required to utilize digital media as a medium for conveying information. The Community Service carried out by the TMD Study Program uses digital media in the form of a video series Making MPASI as a community education tool, especially for mothers with babies.

This video series can appeal to the public to get information on how to make complementary foods. So that mothers who have babies are expected to be able to understand clearly and precisely how to make complementary food for ASI (MPASI) with balanced nutrition.

The Head of the Depok City Health Office also explained at the Submission of Community Service Grants which was held on November 11, 2022, that the problem of how to properly provide MPASI can be resolved and progressively reduce the occurrence of stunting. So that the Depok City Health Office through its program can function properly, and can have an impact on accelerating the proper handling of complementary feeding for mothers who have toddlers in the Indonesian region, especially the city of Depok.