The Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering, State Polytechnic of Jakarta this year is holding a public lecture with three study programs at once, namely the Multimedia and Network Engineering Study Program (TMJ), Computer and Network Engineering Study Program (TKJ) and Multimedia and Digital Engineering Study Program (TMD). The public lecture which was held on Monday, March 20 2023 at the PNJ Library Auditorium was attended by around 141 on going students of the ICT Department.

The event started at 09.30 with remarks by the Head of the TKJ Study Program Asep Kurniawan, S.Pd., M.Kom. Furthermore, the main event was filled by the first guest speaker, namely Anggrahito, S.ST., S.T., M.B.A. (penetration tester & cybersecurity researcher) with the theme “Hacking for Good: The Art of Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity”. Meanwhile, the second guest speaker, Fathur Ridho Mas'ulillah (IT Network Consultant & Trainer) conveyed "The Future of Network Technology".

In the morning to noon sessions the students were very enthusiastic about the speakers, judging from the many questions asked, including student questions namely "what are the career prospects in cyber security"? "With the enormous benefits of using cyber security for a business, the prospects for this profession are very broad and promising. Several job opportunities as cyber security include: 1. Cyber security, (average salary 11-17 million/month (Source: SalaryExpert). 2. System security, average salary 8-17 million/month (Source: Indeed ). 3. Penetration tester, average salary 14-18 million/month (Source: SalaryExpert) 4. Bug bounty hunter, average salary depends on the project, industrial prospects in this field are also very broad, starting from BUMN companies, Agencies government, private companies, to small and large scale organizations," said Anggrahito.

Then the next question “does the hacker know about programming? Can this hacker or hackers also be able to code?” said the participant, then Anggrahito answered "depending on the level of the hacker, some are script kiddies, some are lammers, etc. If programmers know about website loopholes from looking for vulnerabilities and patches, you can say hackers too, but they are known as white hackers. Usually white hackers when they enter the admin section and plant a shell directly patch the vulnerabilities and never take scripts/defaces etc., so they patch without the knowledge of the web admin, while some programmers don't really know how to find website vulnerabilities, only know how to fix them. ” Anggrahito said, and there were still many questions from the participants. then after a question and answer session, submission of certificates and photos with the first and second speakers, the event was temporarily suspended until 13.30 noon

Then the event continued at 13.55 by presenting the last speaker, namely Andres Rizky (Founder & Managing Director Shinta VR) with the theme "Step into Metaverse: Opportunities & Challenges". In this session the students were also very enthusiastic, because they were given the opportunity to try on virtual reality glasses (VR glasses) by the speakers.

VR glasses are a technology that is capable of creating simulations like the real world, one of which is where we can see the atmosphere and walk around in a city that has never been visited, so that by using these glasses you will really feel like you are in another world.

And finally the event was closed by the Head of the TMD Study Program Noorlela Marcheta, S.Kom., M.Kom accompanied by the handing over of certificates of appreciation to the speakers.

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