Date Implementation

The purpose of the activity

Research and Development Bureau

Management and Organizational Training

April - June 2022

Improving the quality of reasoning, initiative, problem solving, mentality, emotional control, and simple bureaucratic flow around campus to off campus.

Departmental and Bureau Forum

17 April dan 25 June 2022

As a means of discussion and evaluation of HIMATIK Departments and Bureaus and is expected to be able to collect, manage, analyze, interpret, and integrate data needed in the development of Departments and Bureaus in HIMATIK

Visit the Departmental Student Association

July 15, 2022

Increase Gathering between HMJ PNJ and exchange opinions about existing departments and bureaus.

Spiritual Department


(Insan Rabbani Guidance Study)

June 18, 2022

1. Channeling the interest of Muslim students at the Jakarta State Polytechnic and the general public in the spiritual field.

2. Understand, explore and discuss Islamic teachings so that Muslim youth at the Jakarta State Polytechnic and the general public can implement and practice them correctly, and make them a guide and guide for life.

3. Increasing friendship between Muslim youths at the Jakarta State Polytechnic and the general public.

4. Increasing awareness of the Islamic Youth Generation regarding Adab in interacting on social media.

Positif dan Postline

Twice a month, every 1st and 2nd week

Providing knowledge and information to ICT students about religion.

Student Charity

Twice a month, every Friday in the 2nd and 4th week

Become a forum for students majoring in ICT in charity or infaq activities.

Pray my Habit

Once a month, every 4th week

It is customary for ICT students to start something with a prayer so that everything they do will be of good value.

Open PR

(Open Spiritual Podcast)

Once a month in the 3rd week

Become a place for students majoring in ICT to listen to insights about spirituality, study religion and mysticism

Student Social Department

ICT Appreciation 2022

June 15, 2022

1. Invite ICT Department students to have a friendly visit.

2. As a form of gratitude for the services that have been provided

3. Increase the sense of concern for the helpers and admins of the ICT Department


During the Management Period

1. To convey advocacy information and bureaucratic flow more broadly.

2. To create a forum for ICT students to convey complaints and suggestions.

3. To help ICT students who experience advocacy and bureaucratic problems

Dialog Jurusan

December 6, 2022

as a forum to convey the anxiety experienced by ICT related students

Department of Student Health

TIK Games

25 July - 3 August 2022

Explore and develop the potential interests and talents of ICT students


March 26, 2022

Physical activity to nourish TIK residents



Providing health-related information to all ICT students

Mini Games

June 21-22, 2022

Strengthening solidarity among ICT students in the field of sports

DOREMI (merger dengan BEM)

Sept. 9, 2022

Distributing social benefits, namely blood donation and health checks

Department of Social and Politics

Gathering Social Politik

July 02, 2022

As a forum for open discussion of internal and external campus socio-political issues that aim to increase political participation and educate students on socio-political issues

Post Of Politics

March 2022 - August 2022

Providing information on the development of issues along with information related to socio-politics both within the campus environment and on Indonesia's national coverage. In addition, it is also intended as a reminder for students, especially in the ICT department, regarding holidays and important events related to the Indonesian nationality


June 2-15, 2022

Become a forum for students majoring in ICT at the Jakarta State Polytechnic to channel their talents and interests into a competition which is also aimed at celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Pancasila 2022.

Department of Communication and Information

Studi Banding

Saturday, 21 May 2022 & Saturday, 27 August 2022

1. Promoting PNJ HIMATIK

2. Expanding knowledge and exchanging ideas with student organizations that are still in the same realm as ICT

3. As material for introspection and evaluation in carrying out HIMATIK management

4. Build friendly ties and expand the network of relationships with the intended organization

(Forum Komunikasi Jurusan)

Monday, May 23, 2022

1. Introducing HIMATIK

2. Exchange ideas and stay in touch with other associations within the PNJ environment

Tell Me

Tentative (Hymatic Infinite Period 2021/2022)

Promoting HIMATIK's social media (especially Instagram) and creating interactions between Himatik's Kominfo and ICT Students

Motor Vario (Motivation Words and Various Information)

Tentative (Hymatic Infinite Period 2021/2022)

Provide motivation and share information to students in the PNJ ICT Department.

Maintenance Youtube

Tentative (Hymatic Infinite Period 2021/2022)

Promoting PNJ HIMATIK and the PNJ ICT Department and sharing information with ICT students or the wider community

Maintenance Twitter

Tentative (Hymatic Infinite Period 2021/2022)

As a medium for disseminating information and a forum for interacting with ICT students

PodTIK (Podcast TIK)

Tentative (Hymatic Infinite Period 2021/2022)

1. As a means of sharing information and entertainment regarding matters in HIMATIK and ICT majors. In the form of packaging of interesting information and presented via audio so that it can be heard anytime and anywhere.

2. Promoting PNJ HIMATIK and the PNJ ICT Department and sharing information with ICT students or the wider community.

Department of Funds and Logistics

Barnaby Inventory


Manage the procurement, use, safekeeping and lending of HIMATIK Funds and Logistics Department inventory.

Barnaby Merchandise


1. Selling various lecture activities needed by Jakarta State Polytechnic students, especially the ICT Department.

2. Introducing the ICT Department and the study programs in ICT to the Jakarta State Polytechnic community

Barnaby Olshop


1. Looking for funds.

2. Selling products in Barnaby online.

3. Helping promote all activities of the Department of Funds and Logistics.

Danlog Info

1 time a month

Provide information about entrepreneurship to Informatics and Computer Engineering students.

Department of Education and Technology

ITechno Cup 2022

23 July - 2 August 2022

1. As a place for competition in the field of technology.

2. Means to improve the quality of education and to develop potential skills between SMK/SMA/Higher Education Equivalent and also to provide Inspiration & Aspiration.


Tentative (Hymatic Infinite Period 2021/2022)

As a learning tool for ICT students and also assist new ICT students in getting references to exam questions and providing information about competitions, scholarships and job vacancies.

Apres Mapres

Tentative (Hymatic Infinite Period 2021/2022)

To increase the enthusiasm of ICT students in improving their achievements in the academic and non-academic fields. As well as a sign of pride from HIMATIK for outstanding students.

KSM Meet Up

22 May & 25 August 2022

1. Discuss the developments and problems that exist in each JTIK KSM

2. Establish friendly relations and good communication between KSM and the Ministry of Education and Technology.

What’s Hype

Tentative (Hymatic Infinite Period 2021/2022)

Educating ICT Department students to get information related to technologies that are currently hits.





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